Tips For Painting Your Home From Australian House Painters That Know

If you're feeling anxious about a house painting project, this blog addresses choosing perfect painting by working with professionals.

Tips For Painting Your Home From Australian House Painters That Know

27 May 2016
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Painting your home, whether it is outside or in, is a daunting task. It is even more daunting when you have never painted an interior wall. With the subtropic temperatures this country experiences most of the year, it is nothing like painting a home north of the equator either. Here are a few tips on how to paint your home yourself from some of Australia's own home painters.

Don't Paint During the Rainy Season

For those parts of the country where there is a clearly identified rainy season, do not paint when it is raining. The added humidity combined with Australia's warm temperatures will make it difficult for the paint to dry quickly. (If you have a week or more where you can sit and wait for paint to dry, then go ahead and paint the inside of your home. However, it is just easier to wait for the rainy season to pass.) Definitely do not attempt to paint the exterior of your home during rainy season, even if the weather forecast says it will be clear and sunny for a few days.

Paint When It Is Warm, but Not Too Warm

Most tins of paint will say right on the label when you should paint. Most paint brands and types advise that you paint when it is warm out, but not too warm. Nighttime temperatures factor in as well, because you do not want a drastic drop in temperature between the daytime and the nighttime. Mid- to late-spring is usually a good time to do painting projects, but there may be a few days here and there that a quick paint job (e.g. one or two short walls) will be just fine. Monitor the humidity levels in the air too, as they can impact drying times and the application of a second and/or third coat of paint.

Invest in a High-Quality Paint with a Quick Drying Time

A high-quality paint will ensure that your walls or the exterior of your home will not need repainting again for some time. A high-quality paint that also features a quick drying time is ideal, as you never know for certain when the weather is going to change. There are some house paints on the market now that also have a primer in them, which is useful if you do not want to buy a separate container of primer and spend more time coating your walls. (The primer coat usually goes on before the paint, but because the primer is already in these paints you can skip this step. Check the label for the words "primer included.")

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